About Jason Vargo

Mortgage Broker in Fort McMurray, AB

I started in mortgage world in 2017. Prior to that I worked in different areas of the family car dealership business for over 20 years. One of my favorite areas that I worked in was the vehicle finance department, which ultimately got me interested in becoming a mortgage broker.

The best part of being a Mortgage Broker in Fort McMurray is interacting with people and helping them work through their home financing requirements. It’s an industry that is constantly changing and requires you to keep up to those changes in order to do your job well. Whoever coined the phrase “You never stop learning” must have been a mortgage broker! One of the benefits of being a Mortgage Broker is the ability to choose from multiple lenders. While a great rate is important, a good mortgage program that fits your future plans is equally important. Dealing with multiple lenders allows us to find the best “fit” for you.

I consider myself a “lifer” in Fort McMurray as I was six months old when we moved up here from Southern Alberta. I’ve grown up here, and now I am raising my family here. I am proud to call Fort McMurray home. Even though it’s grown immensely since I was a kid, it still has a “small town” feeling to it. I enjoy spending time with my wife Clarissa, and my children Jakob and Kate. I also am a commercially rated pilot and have been flying airplanes around this area for over 23 years. Seeing Fort McMurray from the air during the fall season is something you won’t forget!

Give me a call if you need help arranging financing for your new home, refinancing your old one, or even if you have questions about your existing mortgage. I can help!